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Banana VPN Support FAQ

How does it work?
What do i need to use this service?
Can i use it with ... ?
What are the calling charges?
How does anonymity work?
Does Skype work if it is Blocked?
How do i set it up on my computer, iPhone or iTouch?
I cannot send emails through VPN.
I cannot connect to an FTP server.
10. Do you have an affiliate or reseller program?
11. Do you have Dedicated IP plans?
12. Do you offer UK VPN accounts?
13. I cannot connect to the server.
14. Is the Banana VPN service legal?

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Configure your device:

Download TCP Optimizer for windows here

Server list:

As of October 2013 we have vpn servers in Texas, Washington, UK (5 PPTP, 1 OpenVPN), Germany, Canada, Hong Kong, Singapore, Netherlands and Switzerland.

1. How does a Banana VPN account work?

By using a VPN (Virtual Private Network) account that we provide, you will be able to access the internet through a secure encrypted connection to our servers and bypass limitations you are currently facing.

First you would connect normally to the internet and then connect a second time to our VPN Server. No extra software is needed although we provide a convenient Windows dialler.

You get the freedom you deserve but also a private, safe and secure connection.

2. What are the system requirements?

Vpn accounts will work on computers running Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7 , Mac and Linux. Also works with iPhone, iPad, iTouch and Android 2.1+ devices and Nokia S60 with SymVPN

No additional software is required to use our service as we utilize the VPN software already in your operating system. Once you subscribe, we will send you all the information required to set up a connection. You may download our VPN dialler for windows if you prefer.

3. Is it compatible with ... ?

Our service is compatible with all applications including:

  • Web Browsers, e-mail applications
  • MSN, Skype, VoIP, Google Talk, Yahoo IM, ICQ
  • Access to Blogs & Newsgroups
  • ...... & Much More!

No special configuration is needed. All internet traffic is simply routed through our server. Connections speed is up to 1000mbit/s and bandwidth is unmetered. P2P, Torrents, Emule etc. are not permitted.

For Vonage or Skype phones you will need a vpn router from www.dd-routers.com

4. What are the calling charges?

We are not providing a calling service and therefore there are NO calling charges. You simply pay a monthly fee for access to the vpn server. 

5. How does anonymity work?

A VPN Service allows you to use the same internet service provider (ISP) you currently have and at the same time remaining anonymous in all your internet activities by routing your traffic through our servers via a secure encrypted tunnel (Virtual Private Network), making it impossible for even your ISP to "spy" on you.

By using our service, whenever you visit a web site, send email, chat, make internet phone calls, your real IP address will not be visible. This is a tremendous preventive measure against hacking. In effect we act as a firewall keeping you safe from any abuse. All internet traffic leaves one of our servers with the same external IP address and traffic from many users is mingled together and inseparable and cannot be traced back to you.

6. Does Skype work if it is Blocked?

YES! Once you have subscribed and set up the VPN you will be able to use programs such as Skype to make calls from regions that have chosen to block Skype.

7. How do i set it up on my computer?

Configure your device:

For Windows XP click here.

For OpenVPN SSL accounts please check your welcome email to download the pre-configured installation file for Windows and Mac.

8. I cannot send emails when connected with VPN.

When using our VPN server you might not be able to send email through your ISP's mail server. Simply configure your email program to send through another server or change the port number.

9. I cannot connect to an FTP server.

In your FTP client software please Disable "Passive FTP". It should then work.

10. Do you have an affiliate or reseller program?

Yes! We have an affiliate program that pays 30% per sale and includes a $10 bonus just for signing up!. Click here to join now.

11. Do you have Dedicated IP plans?

Yes! We can offer Dedicated IP addresses that can be used for VOIP devices and for gaming. Please click here for availability.

12. Do you offer UK VPN accounts?

Yes! UK servers are now available here. Each UK server has a 1Gbit internet connection and tested to work with BB iPlayer, ITV, and SKY On Demand

You may now use any account to access any server. If you have a US account you can access our UK server and vice versa. No need for two accounts.

13. I cannot connect to the server!

-Disable your Firewall or open outgoing port 1723
-Check that your Router supports VPN Passthrough
-Check that your router and firewall allow GRE packets
-Restart your router
-Delete the connection and create a new one
-Lower or change encryption type (for MAC users)
-Change Authentication type (Chap, Mschap1/2, PAP)
-Disable Windows Vista Live OneCare or configure to allow vpn.
-Enable "Use default gateway on remote network" under Advanced TCP/IP settings of the connection properties on Windows
-Enable "Send all IP traffic over this connection" on you MAC
-Contact us for new IP address and other suggestions or download the complete technical support guide here in PDF.


14. Is the Banana VPN service legal?

Banana VPN has no intentions to break any laws in any country and we do our best to prevent any illegal activity on our network (based on the laws of our home country and location of servers). We do not allow P2P usage such as bittorrent and edonkey and fraud-screen most orders. The use of Virtual Private Networks is legal in almost all countries except the following: Cuba, Iran, Libya, North Korea, Sudan, and Syria. We will not sell to people in those countries and also not to Nigeria and Vietnam where it will be used for online fraud. Using Skype/VOIP or accessing certain web sites and internet services may be prohibited in some countries with or without a VPN. Our VPN service is not intended to be used to break any laws, it is offered to protect your privacy online.



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